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About EcoStruct Building Technologies LTD

Welcome to EcoStruct Building Technologies LTD. Founded in 2023 in British Columbia, Canada, we are an innovative startup dedicated to reshaping the construction industry. Our team comprises top researchers, engineers, and tech experts focused on optimizing ready-mix concrete to lower costs and reduce carbon emissions. Our main goal is to cut down the concrete industry’s carbon emissions through intelligent optimization of concrete mixes by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to use materials already available in supply chains efficiently.

Besides our primary focus on optimizing ready-mix concrete, we've also developed groundbreaking concrete solutions like self-healing concrete agents and geopolymer concrete. These products utilize industrial by-products like iron ore tailings and waste bottle glass, supporting a circular economy while offering durability and cost-effectiveness. As proud Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) Innovandi Entrepreneur Network members, we are committed to the GCCA 2050 Roadmap for Net Zero Concrete, aiming to lead the industry towards more sustainable construction practices. Join us in our mission to innovate and create a more sustainable future for the construction industry.

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AI Ready-Mix Concrete

An easy-to-use, quick, and adaptable tool designed to enhance concrete performance, achieve cost efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions.

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Nano Core-Shell Self-Healing Agent

A sustainable self-healing concrete innovation utilizing waste glass to promote a circular economy.

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Iron Ore-Based Geopolymer Concrete

Discover GeoPlus: our groundbreaking iron ore-based geopolymer concrete that redefines sustainable construction.

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