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About Us

About EcoStruct Building Technologies LTD

Welcome to EcoStruct Building Technologies LTD. Founded in 2023 in British Columbia, Canada, we are an innovative startup dedicated to reshaping the construction industry. Our team comprises top researchers, engineers, and tech experts focused on optimizing ready-mix concrete to lower costs and reduce carbon emissions. Our main goal is to cut down the concrete industry’s carbon emissions through intelligent optimization of concrete mixes by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to use materials already available in supply chains efficiently.

Besides our primary focus on optimizing ready-mix concrete, we've also developed groundbreaking concrete solutions like self-healing concrete agents and geopolymer concrete. These products utilize industrial by-products like iron ore tailings and waste bottle glass, supporting a circular economy while offering durability and cost-effectiveness. As proud Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) Innovandi Entrepreneur Network members, we are committed to the GCCA 2050 Roadmap for Net Zero Concrete, aiming to lead the industry towards more sustainable construction practices. Join us in our mission to innovate and create a more sustainable future for the construction industry.

Awards and Honors Received

Patents/Commercial product

Published books in area of concrete technology, geopolymers and built environments

Our board of directors has been awarded multiple patents and honors, and has published extensively in the fields of concrete technology, geopolymers, and the built environment.
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Our Team

Meet our expert Team

Iman Faridmehr

CEO & Co-Founder (PhD in Structural Civil Engineering)

Iman is an accomplished entrepreneur and senior researcher specializing in cost-effective and sustainable structural design. With a focus on utilizing low embodied energy materials and optimizing natural environmental factors, he has contributed to numerous concrete and steel projects over the past decade. A prolific author with many publications indexed by the Web of Science, Iman also serves on the review boards of several scientific journals. As CEO, he will lead the company’s strategic direction, guiding its expansion and innovation efforts.

Aaron Daavari

Co-Founder & Managing Partner (PhD in TESOL & Civil Engineer)

Aaron is a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in business planning, financing, and execution. His expertise spans investment, intermediary roles, and entrepreneurship, with a strong focus on early-stage investment, acceleration capital, and exit strategies. Aaron is instrumental in balancing expectations and screening opportunities, driving the company’s growth and success.

Ghassan Fahim Huseien

Co-Founder & CTO (PhD in Civil Engineering and Built Environment)

Ghassan is a distinguished post-doctoral construction scientist and entrepreneur, known for his work in nanomaterials, concrete, and the built environment. With over 100 international publications and a robust engineering background, he is one of Asia’s leading experts in concrete manufacturing. As CTO, Ghassan will oversee the technical development of the company’s product solutions.

Mehrdad Solouki

Operating Manager and Civil Engineer

Mehrdad brings over 16 years of experience as a CEO and board chairman in various companies. A serial entrepreneur, he excels in executive leadership, company culture promotion, and operational oversight. As Operating Manager, Mehrdad will manage the company’s daily operations, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

Mohsen Pourebrahimi

Executive Designer and Civil Engineer

Mohsen is an expert in concrete product design with over 11 years of experience. He excels in conceptualizing and drawing design ideas for structural and non-structural concrete products, effectively communicating plans for execution. As Executive Designer, Mohsen will lead the design aspects of the company’s product solutions.

Masoud Bakhshizadeh

Business Developer and Strategic MBA

Masoud is a dynamic construction business developer, adept at identifying new business opportunities and building a network to attract clients. He will drive business growth by formulating and implementing effective sales and marketing strategies to promote the company’s offerings.

Iman Javadi Jokar

Web Programmer and AI Specialist

Iman collaborates with several dam and power plant stations across the Middle East. At these facilities, he leads the development of statistical and monitoring software, as well as an innovative AI-powered web platform that has transformed data analysis and decision-making processes. At EcoStruct, he plays a key role in software development, using his expertise to enhance organizational efficiency through cutting-edge technological solutions. Beyond his professional duties, Iman is an active member of scientific networks, keeping updated on the latest technological advancements and contributing to the field's evolution.