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Privacy Policy AiReadyMix Platform

Information Collection: EcoStruct Building Technology LTD meticulously gathers personal data solely through user consent during site interactions such as registration and service utilization, emphasizing user discretion and privacy.

Utilization of Data: The user-specific data enhances the platform’s operational efficiency, personalizes user experiences, and directly supports customer service inquiries and transaction processes, with a strict policy against sharing this data with external entities.

Robust Data Protection: Advanced security measures are rigorously implemented to fortify user data against any unauthorized access or disclosure, ensuring a secure online environment.

Exclusive Data Access: User-uploaded datasets for concrete optimization & estimation are handled with utmost confidentiality; all analytical results and optimization outputs are uniquely accessible to the respective user, guaranteeing data exclusivity.

Privacy Policy Management: EcoStruct’s Privacy Policy is subject to periodic reviews and updates, promoting transparency and upholding user trust. Users are required to recognize and accept these terms to engage with the platform services.